Salford Marine Services

Safety and Quality are our primary concerns for salford marine services and are reflected in its core structure. The company continuously analyzes operation procedures and monitors the services performance within its umbrella. Using the benefits of a expertise team, the company can quickly pinpoint safety trends and issue procedural modifications and new guidelines.

Marine Surveying and Audits:

  • On-hire/off-hire Bunker and Condition surveys
  • Warranty surveys
  • Suitability Surveys
  • Pre-Purchase inspection
  • Pre-OVMSA - OVID audit
  • Pre-ADNOC ASMC audit
  • Pre- ADNOC PPA Vetting
  • Pre- ADNOC offshore inspection (APPENDIX A & B)
  • Pre-QP inspection
  • OOK inspection for Saudi Aramco.
  • Towing approval certification
  • Hull and Machinery Damage assessment for P & I Clubs
  • Draft Surveys: Initial Intermediate and Final
  • Internal ISM, ISPS & MLC Audits
  • Navigation audits

  • Testing & Certification:

  • Loose gear and lifting equipment testing and certification.
  • Lashing Certification
  • NDT Test
  • Gas Free Certification for Hot works and Enclosed space entry
  • Medical Chest Certification through our registered pharmacy
  • Hygiene Inspection and Pest Control Service.
  • Crane Operator training and certification.
  • Safe lifting training.

  • Technical services:

  • Underwater Inspection and Cleaning
  • Docking Budget and supervision
  • Tank cleaning consultancy

  • Marine Casualties:

    We can respond to Marine Emergencies immediately since we are available on a 24 x 7 basis. We have worked on Marine Casualties of all scales including some of the most recent in the Arabian Gulf region.

    Our Personnel Has Got Command Experience of the Offshore Vessels. We can Investigate the cause of the incident, the extent of the damage.

  • Collisions and Groundings
  • Hull and Machinery
  • Pollution
  • Salvage
  • Cargo Damage